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December 12, 2013
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Eyeless Jack by b02805495


(f/c) = Favorite Color

(h/l) = Hair Length

(h/c) = Hair Color

(e/c) = Eye Color


I sighed as I watched the girl walk down the rode giggling the girlish giggle most did which for some reason always brought up bad memories for me. I could only assume it was because of the two other girls at her side, which could easily be seen as her friends. My attention was only drawn from the girl and her posse when the kitten in my pocket let out a meow. Sighing a pulled the small creature from my pocket and placed it on the ground, handing it a treat so it would stay quiet.

It had been a few days since I had been forced to snatch the kitten, and ever since I had been trying to learn more on its owner. Normally I wouldn't have been interested, but with how much Smile had gone on about his conversations with the small kitten and how its owner was amazing. Of course my interest had been risen.

“I don't see whats so interesting,” I muttered, actually talking to a cat. Unlike Smile I couldn't speak with the kitten, so it wasn't like I expected it to answer. At least not so I could understand it. Watching the girl I got up from my crouch position in the bushes and scooped up the small cat, making my way along the forest line after the girl not wanting to loose her.

I wasn't disappointed when the girl waved her friends good bye and started down the sidewalk to her house. Of course I followed after her, interested to see why the small kitten in my care was so fond of her. She looked like an average girl – (h/l) (h/c) hair, (f/c) shirt, black jeans and (f/c) shoes. Her hair down her back, brushed out smoothly and framed to fit her face nicely. I honestly didn't see what was so interesting or new.

She seemed nice enough, a smile on her face almost constantly. Though it wasn't over done, just enough to show how she felt. Her pace was a little fast considering how long her legs were as if she were eager to get where she was heading, and she seemed to have a small bounce in her step the whole way. Like most she came to a stop seeing a cat, and like most when the creature came and laced itself between her legs she let out an 'awe' and bent to pet it before continuing on her way.

I was so entranced with trying to figure out exactly what was so special that it had taken me a while to realize exactly what or who had laced themselves around her ankles, Grinny. Seeing the devilish cat my eyes widened slightly under my mask and my jaw clenched as if ready to take a hit. The pasta looked like an average cat, black back pattern with black paws and a white under belly, but unlike the girl I knew exactly what would happen in a few days time. That cute little kitty would turn into a hellish creature and proceed to kill the girl in the grueling way possible.

I was stunned to see she had absolutely no reaction to the cats grin, then again most didn't. They were always to distracted by his cute appearance to notice it much. The kitten in my grasp, feeling me tense let out a meow almost as if asking what was wrong. Of course me not really paying attention, or caring if I looked crazy explained the situation to the kitten who in turn fluffed up and let out a hiss. I watched as the grinning cat trotted along behind the girl who happily giggled and accepted the creatures invitation for company.

Twix didn't seem to be having any of it though as he fluffed up even more and wiggled out of my grip, bounding across the rode where he let out a battle cry and attacked the larger cat. I would have stepped in to break them up, but I couldn't risk my identity being deciphered, or being seen at all for that matter. Looking from the tree line I watched as the kitten fought as if he were fending for his life instead of the girls, and I became almost disappointed when Grinny won.

“Shoo! SHOO! Away from him!” The girl cried, stomping her way over in a sense to gain control over the situation. As commanded the grinning cat hissed and removed himself from the kitten who was quickly picked up and held close. Happy to see the girl again the kitten mewed happily before giving her face a few tiny licks earning a giggle. What she said next made me do a double take though.

“Now that thats over, why don't we all go back to my house so I can get you both something to eat?” What? Why would she offer food to a cat that attacked her kitten? A cat that had foolishly given away its true strength, and who would have easily killed the kitten if not for its owner? Now my curiosity had been refueled, so of course I followed her the rest of the way home and looked into her house through a window while perched in a near by tree.

“Here you go Twix, and for you good sir.” She hummed, placing to plates of mixed wet and dry food on the floor for them to eat. Naturally Grinny didn't seem very interested in her treat since he preferred to hunt, but Twix ate his food up quickly, a purr resonating from his chest as he did so.

I had spent the rest of the night watching from the windows as she went about her normal schedule. She did her homework with a snack in between, watched TV afterward, then made dinner. After she did that she took a shower, changed into her night clothes and then settled down for the night. Finally after that she just watched TV for a few more hours before going to bed. Basic night according to my knowledge. Again I wasn't sure what was so interesting.

Jumping from my place in the trees branches I let out a quiet sigh and made my way back towards the forest, finally seeming to catch the chill the night air brought. It wasn't till then that I noticed just how tired I was, and since I couldn't feed on my subject I was forced to go to another area to feed.

--- Reader P.O.V. (Finally!) ---

When you woke up the next morning you had forgotten about your two little guests who you assumed had made up after waking to seem them laying next to one another, sleeping peacefully without a care in the world. Giving a happy hum you leaned over and gave your kitten a nice pet which caused him to purr within his sleep, not even realizing what was going on in the outside world. Though the kittens purr seemed to of woken the smiling cat you had nicknamed Grin. It only seemed fitting after all, that that beautiful smile he always seemed to wear on his face.

“Morning Grin,” you hummed with a smile before carefully swinging your feet off over the bed and placing them on the cool floor. As if reading your actions ahead of you the smiling cat jumped down from the bed and sauntered his way over towards the door where he waited patiently for you to follow. Giving a small nod you followed after the cat, yawning as you made your way down the stairs to open the door for the cat who you assumed wanted to go out.

Your suspicions had been correct for the second you opened the door the cat darted out, running off into a near by bush and vanishing from your line of vision. All you could do was give a shrug and close the door, making your way to the kitchen afterwards to start a meal for yourself.

You had spent the rest of the day on your normal scheduling. A little house work, some meals in between, taking care of Twix and then some. By the late afternoon you had finsihed everything you needed to do, and had finally found yourself relaxing in your front yard; laying in the grass and watching the clouds pass by over head. You didn't pull your eyes from the sky till you heard light footsteps making there way up the gravel path that led to your front door.

Looking up you came in eye contact with a blue eyed, brown haired boy who wore a black sweatshirt and matching colored jeans. His face looked rather blank till he seemed to notice the eye contact. Once he was sure he had your attention a small smile crawled onto his face. That was when he gave a wave and tilted his head slightly in a quiet greeting. Lifting yourself from the ground you dusted yourself off and made your way over, a smile coming to your face as well as you put out a hand for him to shake.

“Hello, I ________ ________. What can I do you for?”

“Hello, I'm Jack. I just wanted to say 'Hello.'”

I know it has been a while since I last updated, I just haven't been able to sit and write like I use to be able to do. I always keep trying to find distractions to procrastinate; I'm such a bad procrastinator. Anyway, thank you guys so much for being pacient and sending me good wishes. It really means a lot to me that you guys are excited to read my stories. 

My depiction of Jack without his mask is a little different then the others. I like to think he was human at one point and then something made him decide to eat people for a living. Which to me makes him look like a normal human being without his mask, allowing him to do as he wishes without getting caught. Oh well, my story. He can look the way he wants to. x3 They never actually give you a face to go with whats under his mask, so it leaves people to assume. .o. 

Part 2: Your Here

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepy-pasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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